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Founder: Larry  Dvoskin

Giving Back to Make a Difference

Miracle Music's Larry Dvoskin produced and performed in this acapella version of John and Yoko’s “Give Peace A Chance” with Sean Lennon, Beach Boy Alan Jardine and Bongos frontman Richard Barone for Bono’s www.one.org, raising awareness about and bringing attention to the fight against global poverty.

In another collaboration for www.one.org, Dvoskin appeared alongside Sam Kogon, Jardine and Barone in the video for "If I Had a Hammer."


Reaching Out through Teaching

Dvoskin taught an Interactive songwriting lecture and workshop at Queensborough College in New York City on September 16, 2009.

According to a YouTube mix of Top 50 Songwriting Videos, this lecture is the #1 Songwriting Video on YouTube. The college also reported it’s the most viewed video in the university’s history.


Life Is Strange

Dvoskin released his first solo album, "Life Is Strange” in 2009. It's a musical tapestry of colored threads. A journey, an adventure, the compositions which have stood the test of time. Each song is meant to have a different resonance. From innocence to knowing, from the physical to the quest for the eternal, let “Life Is Strange” carry you on a magic carpet through the doorways of your own imagination, into the greater beyond. View album in iTunes.

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